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What is progressive commercial insurance and why we need it?

What is progressive commercial insurance and why we need it?
What is progressive commercial insurance and why we need it? 

What is Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

This motor insurance policy is for vehicles used in business and can be customized to suit your needs. Commercial Vehicle Insurance compensates for any loss and damage to or caused by commercial vehicles. This includes damage to vehicles due to accident, sabotage, natural causes and fire. All businesses are required to purchase Commercial Vehicle Insurance for all types of commercial vehicles such as auto rickshaws, cabs, school buses and trucks.

Why do you need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

  • If you are buying and using commercial vehicles in your business, then it is necessary for you to buy a Commercial Vehicle Insurance that will compensate for the economic losses and losses that your business may incur due to the vehicle and the people driving the vehicle. can do.
  • If your main business is connected to vehicles, such as you offer taxi service or drive a private school bus, then the Commercial Vehicle Insurance plan will cover your financial loss in case of any untoward incident as well as the people sitting in it and the business Covers loss to moneylenders.
  • As per the legal rules, all commercial vehicle owners must have at least one third-party liability-only policy for each commercial vehicle, to compensate for any third party losses they may incur.
What is progressive commercial insurance and why we need it?
What is progressive commercial insurance and why we need it? 

Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Insurance for passenger carrying vehicles

  • This insurance is especially suitable for vehicles that bring or carry one or more passengers such as taxis, auto rickshaws, school buses and private buses etc.
  • Passenger carrying vehicles, especially school buses and regular cabs that carry many passengers daily.
  • The life and income of a significant part of India's population depends on these vehicles. In such a situation, in case of any untoward incident with Commercial Vehicle Insurance, it works to compensate for the losses and losses.

Freight insurance

  • This insurance is for vehicles that carry goods from one place to another. It mainly consists of trucks, tampos and lorries.
  • Luggage vehicles are often much larger in size and more likely to crash. A Commercial Vehicle Insurance not only compensates for the loss of another person due to these vehicles, but also works to protect the owner-driver and the vehicle at the time of accident or damage due to natural reasons is. 
  • If your business is to transport goods from one place to another through trucks, then Commercial Vehicle Insurance also gives financial benefits in exchange for damage to the goods in your vehicle from any accident, fire or natural disaster etc.

Insurance for other and special vehicles

  • Apart from cabs, taxis, trucks and buses, there are many vehicles which are used by trade or in business. This includes certain vehicles such as vehicles used in various agricultural operations, vehicles used in excavation and construction.
  • A Commercial Vehicle Insurance works to provide financial compensation to the driver and owner of the vehicle in return for any damage or damage to these vehicles.
  • Considering the cost and size of these vehicles, Commercial Vehicle Insurance is the best way to recover your losses. With this help, you can not only reduce the risk to yourself, but can also avoid the financial loss of yourself due to any untoward incident.

What is covered in Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

  1. Accident :- This insurance covers the loss of commercial vehicles due to accident.
  2. Theft :- Loss or loss of vehicle due to theft of commercial vehicle is covered under this insurance.
  3. The fire :- This vehicle insurance covers the loss of commercial vehicle due to fire.
  4. Natural Calamity :- Damage due to commercial vehicle due to a natural disaster is covered in this insurance.
  5. Personal Accident :- Covers are provided for driver's injuries or death when a commercial vehicle crashes.
  6. Third party loss :- This insurance covers any third party loss due to commercial vehicle.
  7. While pulling a damaged vehicle :- Damage to a commercial vehicle while pulling a damaged vehicle is also covered by this vehicle insurance.

What is not covered?

It is also very important to know what is not covered in your Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy, so that you do not have any kind of surprise or problem when you claim. Here are some such situations :-

Self-harm for third party policy holders

If you have taken your third-party liability-only policy, then in this case the damage to your vehicle is not covered.

Driving while intoxicated or unlicensed

If the owner or driver of the claimed vehicle is drunk or driving without proper license, the cover will not be available.

Willful carelessness

Damage to the vehicle due to inadvertence by the driver (eg, damage caused by the driver driving the vehicle in the event of a flood) will not be covered by this insurance.

Damage due to any other reason

Any damage that is not caused by an accident or due to natural causes such as loss of business or loss in the market, etc. cannot be covered in Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

Liability-only Standard Package / First Party
Damage to any third-party person or property caused by your commercial vehicle.
When any other vehicle is carried by your insured vehicle, any third-party damage due to the vehicle being transported in the meantime.
Due to natural causes, due to fire, theft or accident due to damage or theft of own vehicle. ×     ✔    
In case of owner-driver injury or death.

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Friends, I tried to tell you in full detail about What is progressive commercial insurance and why we need it?, if you liked it, you can also share it with your friends, and if you have any questions, you can ask in the comment is.


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